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Our Services

Parent & Student Scholarship Master Class

(junior high and older only)

College selection assistance

  • selecting the best fit for you

  • uncovering total tuition cost

College application strategy

  • essay technique tips

  • reference letters

  • resume development

  • college recruiter assistance

  • mock interviews

Test taking strategies

  • note taking

  • time management

Financial assistance

  • scholarship prep binder

  • scholarship applications

  • financial aid assistance

After School Clubs

Teen & Adult Life Coaches

SAT/ACT Yoga Mind techniques

Road Map to Scholarships One on Ones

High School Leadership & Mentoring Programs

Parent & Student Scholarship Prep Master Class

A.C.E. Engineering Club

  • encourage interest in engineering

  • promotes critical thinking

  • curriculum to life in club based setting

  • provides real-world opportunities that support core subjects

A.C.E. Mentoring Club

  • leadership skills

  • team building skills

  • community outreach

  • community service hours

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